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Animal Crossing Items developers say the series'must continue to evolve'

I'd like villagers to say over 4 lines. More interactivity together, like games, quests, actions, adventures, taking them on flights into new islands etc.. Imagine using a"game night" and every villager has different propensities for various games plus they have stats which make them great in dexterity games or even thinking games. How about have the stuff I put down be interactive, aka games, actions, etc? Throw parties, challenges, SOMRTHING. Fuck the game is simply SO BLAND. It's just making things fairly and then nothing. Even the villagers suck, the repetitive"activities" suck, it's so dull. 50 hours I turned off it and never needed to play again.

It is not"relaxing" it is irritating. I Would like to make 3 of these damn items, let me place a QUANTITY

I don't see how they could continue to evolve in the same direction they have been. Decoration was taken almost as far as it can be; they have to enhance the thickness of interactivity next. There is just no additional Choices

I truly miss the rude, sassy villagers. What little advantage those characters added to the sport made it feel a lot more diverse. I sort of quit wanting to even speak to my villagers because I understand every single one is going to be nice and sweet. There's no surprise for it, it feels as though they're all just the exact same character today. A world where every person is endlessly nice alllllll that the time feels artificial and fake.

This reminds me of the spongebob incident where squidward moves to the neighborhood with other squids.

This is why I can't play pokemon anymore either. Even in the old games, all of the characters are just cookie cutter"wow I really like my friends and Pokemon!" Unless it is among the gangs. I understand it makes it a little simpler to appeal to a younger demographic, but games such as Paper Mario or Earthbound have shown that you can have sassy or crude NPC conversation Cheap Nook Miles Ticket and children will still adore it.

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