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It is dominated by the creation of low-tar, low-harm, high-scent cigarettes, and has become one of the outstanding representative works of low-coke flue-cured tobacco in China Newport 100S. It is of excellent quality, focusing on the introduction of low-tar, low-CO cigarette products, advocating the concept of healthy smoking, and reducing the harm of cigarettes to the human body to a greater extent. The brand uses HCF high-efficiency filter rods, which can effectively reduce harm and create a new double-low model in the cigarette industry. The packaging of the cigarette case is the main one, and the golden color is the supplement. The texture of the cigarette case is good, it feels smooth, and the first impression is very good. This cigarette shows its charm. These four words are printed on the package. From the front of the package, the whole package style is festive and generous, with a good reputation, depending on the style of the package, the visual effect is very good, and festive is a favorite style. The cigarette filter has a traditional yellow color, the length of the filter is 34mm, the cigarette body is made of vertical-grained paper, and the whole cigarette body is white. Its rolling process is not tight, it is very loose by visual inspection Marlboro Lights, and it is very soft to pinch. The smell of smoke is natural and mellow, and it smells very comfortable. In the first breath, you can feel its rather rich aroma. The fresh scent of fresh shredded tobacco after burning, mixed with other aromatic scents, is scattered around the nose. The smell remaining between the lips and teeth is the kind of overall purity, with a little bit of fragrant smell. The overall front smoke is very soft, which is not bad for me who likes a light taste, without any discomfort. The burning performance of the cigarette is super good, which may be the reason for the loose rolling. Its good permeability speeds up the burning speed of the cigarette. Just after more than three puffs, the tobacco has already burned more than half. The plumpness of the smoke in the middle section is still very high-quality, and the smoke is also very soft and smooth. The fragrant and pleasant breath surrounds me. It does not surprise me excessively, but its stability is worthy of recognition. At the end, although the smoke looks elegant and soft, the satisfaction is not very low. It shows uniform and elegant smoke, and the relatively balanced satisfaction brought by the rich and transparent smoke. The quality of the flue gas at the end has not decreased too much, and its smoke is still mellow and soft Newport Cigarettes.
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