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At Austin Tree Service Authority Our areas of expertiese include clipping, pruning, thinning, crown reduction, topping, tree removal, stump grinding and hillside clean up concerning fire regulations. When tree and lawn upkeep becomes a problem, you deserve a professional that respects your time and property. Our biggest concern is your wellbeing and knowledge of a great job. Setting the scene and safeguarding the work areas is the first thing we do and once everything is ready we complete our job pretty fast. It is all cleaned as soon as we are done and you are left with a clean yard and peace of mind

What Is An Arborist And What Do They Do? Tree ServiceAs home to some of the best arborists Brisbane can offer, we at Aussie Tree Solutions are often asked a simple question: what is an arborist and what do they do?

The easiest way to understand the role of an arborist is to think of them as doctors for trees. Arborists are your go-to source of knowledge and experience for all tree-related issues – everything from simple consultation needs you might have for best backyard tree practices, to an entire case of tree surgery.

How Do You Become An Arborist Tree ServiceLike any specialised profession, being an arborist requires having the right training and qualifications. This is because arborists need to have more than just years of personal experience. They need to understand the ins and outs of the various local species of plants and trees, allowing them to properly diagnose and treat any issues that they might encounter.

Becoming an arborist in Australia doesn’t necessarily require an undergraduate or graduate degree, however degrees could help you further your career into a more advanced research position. Generally, potential arborists are expected to fulfill the basic entry requirement of Year 10 before they can enroll into an Arboriculture or Horticulture traineeship.

Arborists who were trained or educated abroad must have any kind of completed apprenticeship, or a minimum of 3 years of arborist work experience. For those who are interested in pursuing a career in arboriculture, the Australian Qualifications Framework offers education and training nationwide.

The Arborist Job Description Tree ServiceArborists are the tree doctors of the professional world, with the experience and knowledge to maintain and tend plants and trees, diagnosing and solving any minor or major issues such as nutritional problems, disease, or plant structure.

An arborist should be able to quickly distinguish the presence of decay or damage just by examining a plant or tree’s key points, such as its texture or color. They should also know when to involve a lab examination for the possibility of tree infections.

But an arborist does more than simply diagnosing and curing trees of any issues. They are also directly involved with the maintenance of living trees through pruning, trimming, and cutting. Arborists are educated in the safest practices to climb trees properly, and are equipped with the proper climbing gear and, if necessary, mechanical lifts for taller trees.

When working with an arborist, you might have to deal with two separate branches of arborists: practical arborists or “linies”, who are involved with trees and their engagement with surrounding infrastructure and power lines; and purist arborists, who are more focused on the aesthetic values of pruning trees and gardens.

Arborist Services Tree ServiceFor those who still ask “What does an arborist do?”, we’ve prepared a list of all services that arborists generally offer. These include:

Consulting and Advice: Most homeowners begin with needs for consulting and advice before deciding on any other work for their trees. This consultation can be about:

  • Types of trees best suited for your area
  • Possible diseases your trees might have (and how to treat them)
  • Possible hazards or other risks
  • Any permissions you might need for your trees or yard
  • How to write official reports and more
Tree Felling and Removal: There are times when a tree needs to be “felled” or cut down and subsequently removed, generally when they become too big or have experienced too much structural damage and are now a hazard to your home and your neighbors. Tree felling and removal from a team of professional arborists is an easy way to get rid of a problem before it causes much bigger issues.

Tree Lopping and Pruning: Tree lopping and pruning is the removal of branches and the general “downsizing” of trees. This can be done for aesthetic or safety purposes. When done by an amateur, you risk killing the tree, as the more you remove from a tree, the more danger there is of disturbing it too much or not cutting properly. An arborist can ensure that a tree is lopped and pruned with the required skill.

Palm Cleaning and Removal: When your palm trees have dying fronds or hanging fruit, it’s recommended to have your palm tree cleaned and the palms removed (Phoenix Palms and Cocos Palms require the most maintenance of palm trees). Doing it yourself can leave you with a messy situation, and in some cases, a dangerous one.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Services: You can never predict when you might have a tree fall on your roof, your driveway, your powerlines, or any other issue involving a tree that needs to be resolved right away. Arborists offer 24-hour emergency tree services to make sure you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding: After a tree is cut or removed, the left-behind stump can be difficult to deal with, especially with strong roots holding it in place. Unsightly and in-the-way, stumps require proper grinding tools to have them removed without issue.

Forest Mulch: If you are in need of forest mulch to increase the nutrition of your tree and yard, any well-stocked arborist should be available to provide and apply your required mulch.

Optimise Your Tree Health With Aussie Tree Solutions Tree ServiceFor over 35 years, Aussie Tree Solutions has supplied Brisbane with trained and qualified arborists who have a knack for safety and customer happiness. We make sure we serve every tree and homeowner to the best of our ability, which is why we continue to be the top source of arborists Brisbane can provide.

So It's Time To Trim The Trees Lots of people are generally teaching themselves to conserve the health of their trees! From planting to mulching as well as things in between, everyone has actually started to exercise their horticulture tendencies. Yet with regards to tree trimming, it might be best to find some guidelines before you begin using pruning equipment. Since obviously, one erroneous move and you'll kiss your tree good-bye! This is what you should know concerning effective Do-it-yourself tree-trimming

Be Safety Conscious When you begin, you'll want to prevent injury, in case you are trimming a small tree. Always wear some goggles (it will prevent splinters from getting into your eye), heavy pruning gloves plus a helmet. Additionally, make sure that the ladder you use are sturdy and firmly rooted on the ground, or you may really hurt yourself from a fall. Since of course, your tree trimming endeavors may go to waste should you wind up in the hospital!

The Secret is In Your Cut When trimming, do not cut any limb too closely to the trunk of the tree; a risky move like this may backfire, as healthy bark could be torn from the trunk of the tree once the limb is taken off. However, you will not wish to leave a lot of the dead branch. Find a middle ground by cutting at the collar of the limb, which will leave a little bit of a stump.

Know When To Trim Virtually all landscaping experts and arborists acknowledge you can trim most trees all year round. There will be actually some kinds of trees as well as fruit trees which you will wish to trim in the the autumn months, however, many trees could be trimmed anytime of the season.

Do Not Tackle Major Branches It is best to know when you ought to contact a specialist when the job is way too big, so if you are thinking about taking on any big limbs yourself, put down the tools and back away. Major limbs need to be removed by a professional, so ask your arborist to handle the bigger and more hazardous tasks.

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