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Well that is Animal Crossing New Horizons Items the sticking point. Are they celebrating it? Are you currently enjoying a free pass to use aspects of a culture without needing to worry about the discrimination that follows for other races? Is this certain component of the civilization supposed to be shared and taught to other people, or is it usually reserved for specific people who have somehow got the right?

Ultimately I think cultural appropriation gets maintained too frequently, but that doesn't mean that there is not conversation to be had about it. But others commenters do make a point, that some folks can develop and encounter racism, prejudice, etc contrary to their civilization, to be called trashy for this, just to turn around and see others carrying parts of it because it's aesthetic or so on. That doesn't justify policing hair fashions, however, it provides context at the least.

And you'll be able to expand this statement to include things like jewelry and clothes. No, it would not make you a racist. Again, supposing it doesn't have particular importance like ceremonial clothing. But if you're wearing something mainly worn by another culture, and that clothes is often looked down , and someone from that culture says"Why do they get to put on it without confronting discrimination, but that I get called trashy/unprofessional looking/etc?" The right response isn't to play with the victim and say"What, I am racist because I like the way it looks?" The correct answer is"you're right, that isn't fair. Individuals ought to be allowed to wear what they want with no the others policing them. Respect my best to put on it and I will gladly respect your right to wear it, and hopefully we'll reach a point where no one has to"respect the right," you can buy Animal Crossing Bells just wear what you need without difficulty."

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