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where is Nepal on the map? Nepal is a beautiful country, incredible. Nepal is one of those countries that are truly awesome and completely diverse. Before visiting Nepal, many people would think that the best places in Nepal are the Himalayas and Kathmandu. Yes, these two places are great, but apart from the mountains and capital of Nepal, there are many more great places to visit. Durbar Square is the most famous square in Kathmandu, and it is also a good place to watch Nepalese temple architecture. This includes Nepal's monuments... more
racheltu Jan 24 · Tags: tibet, travel
Are you ready to start planning your next trip? Do you want to get rid of a boring life for the time being? would you like to go to a quiet place to enjoy the most exotic holidays? Tibet should be on your priority list! The beautiful mountains and tranquil valleys give you the luxury of a trip to Tibet, and a trip to Tibet is what you need for perfect relaxation. This article will tell you how to plan a perfect Tibetan holiday Learn about Tibet travel information If you already plan to travel to Tibet, you must first understand som... more
racheltu Jan 24 · Tags: travel, tour, tibet