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New Jordan 2020, the white and red Air Jordan 4 that countless players are looking forward to is officially back. After this first year color matching, there is also a new super popular Air Jordan 4 color that will be on sale soon, that is, the also highly concerned "thorn embroidery" Air Jordan 4. I will officially meet with you next week, and the sale details have just been announced.
Based on the shape of the Air Jordan 4, the entire pair of shoes drastically incorporates the Japanese folk embroidery technique of thorn embroidery into the shoe body design. The two shoes on the left and right have asymmetric texture distribution. The details of shoe tongue, shoelace, lining, heel, etc. are all different, and the amount of information carried will fully show the classic patterns embroidered by thorns. As a pair of brand new theme colors, it can be tied with OG White and Red, becoming one of the most anticipated Air Jordans by many players at the end of the year. Which pair of thorn embroidery and white and red do you choose?
Although there are not many details at the moment, a leaked image provided by 2019 Jordan shows what the popular Air Jordan 4 toe box looks like in patchwork denim. The denim can be made with the above stitch pattern and is usually worn Use it on the material to make "new" again. The rest of the shoe is still invisible, but the theme is likely to continue to the rest of the upper. Dressed in deep sea, sail, cement gray and flaming red color scheme. This Air Jordan 4 has a patchwork upper with Japanese patterns, mismatched lining, laces and tongues, and a translucent heel tab. The Sail midsole on top of the translucent outsole in the special version package completes the design.
It can be said that this is the most absurd Air Jordan 1 Mid Light Smoke Grey iteration we have seen so far. Their design is complex, and the upper combines canvas and twill fabrics, both of which are decorated with patchwork patterns influenced by Japanese craftsmanship. The Titular color tone extends to the entire length of the upper by locking the base layer, cage and heel components, and cleverly placed red tones on the tongue imprint and the top of the shoelace for color block decoration. The regular mesh insert marks the quarter panel and upper, while the tongue includes "flaming red" to contrast the appearance. At the foot, the Sail midsole has a visible Air in the heel for cushioning and comes with a rubber outsole for traction.
Nike's famous Safari print has been successfully applied countless times on New Jordan 2020, and every time the Safari print is added to a new shoe, everyone goes crazy. We expect this Nike Air Max 90 SE "Black Safari" will be on sale this year.
This time, Nike launched the Nike Air Max 90 with subtle Safari print. In this case, it was decided to completely wrap the shoes in black instead of obscuring the color significantly. However, the top is by no means simple, because it contains mesh, leather, plastic and nubuck leather construction. The iconic safari print can be seen on the Swoosh and the instep, the color of which is the same as the sneaker itself. In addition to the white midsole and brand, the only thing that changed the all-black color scheme was the cheetah print for the suede tongue label.
On the day you know it is Valentine's Day again, lovers give each other a little extra attention, such as gifts, flowers or cards. Boring... We have a better choice. The Nike Air Max 90 Valentine's Day will selling in 2019 Jordan.
Nike Air Max 90 Valentine's Day has the color expected by all shoes related to love. For example, we see red, pink and white on structures made of leather and suede. This pair of shoelaces is immediately worth noting that it has a special tongue label that can be opened. Under this label, you will see a special label with a heart with the text "AM90 4EVER" on it. The sports shoe also has two different insoles, the left shoe has a pink insole and the right shoe has a red insole. The white midsole is matched with pink Air Max components and red rubber outsole to make the design more perfect.
Last week, we have written about the Air Jordan 1 worn by Michael Jordan University and University of North Carolina. After releasing the beautiful UNC Air Jordan 1, we now they are beautiful! The shoes are made of light blue suede, which makes the shoes look softer.
The new color of this Air Jordan 4 SE University Blue is made of University Blue real suede leather, combining high-grade materials with the classic Jumpman color. The high-quality suede structure can cover a wider range, dyeing with bright titers up to the eye column, and covering molds, which are balanced by black neutral paint and gray-scale cement spray paint. The cement print then falls on the wing, heel and part of the midsole, combined with black and white.
The midsole, the rear panel and the triangle with laces are all decorated in "cement gray". As we often see on the Air Jordan 4, the typical gray and black spots. Another notable detail of this pair of shoes is the logo on the tongue. The red accent highlights the outline of the shoe very well. Kicking takes place in March 2021! Follow our blog at any time for updates.
New Jordan 2020 uses aristocratic red and black leather uppers, both sides are covered with black fabric, and both sides are decorated with aristocratic red three-dimensional shape Swoosh Logo embellishment and finally equipped with React soles, shoes This model not only has the flavor of the first year, but also creates a fashionable sense of technology.
Nike interstellar basketball shoes themed retro 2019 Jordan Star Air Flight 89, the "twin brother" of AJ4 Air Jordan 4 Nike Air Flight 89 has always been a very popular retro sneaker on the street. Recently, the remodeling of the star sky theme is coming back to The Planet. The theme of Hoops interstellar basketball, the insole also has the planetary logo of the Galaxy dress to highlight the exclusive identity of this time.
2020 Cheap Jordans summer new sports shoes Air Flight 89 retro fashion comfortable lightweight breathable casual basketball shoes.Nike Blazer Black Rainbow Drop Plastic Original Nike Blazer Mid '1977 Blazer series, newly developed last-shaped cardboard correct sole bite version. Classic Blazer high-top all-match casual sports shoes NK Blazer deduced through color and material changes Numerous versions are matched with the popular yin and yang elements to present the beauty of modern trends.
When Kanye was busy with political affairs in the New Jordan 2020, he continued to release new styles in the adidas sneaker line. This two-tone glow in the dark Yeezy Boost 380 calcite glow is an example. Adidas has released official photos of this pair of shoes and we are very satisfied with it!
adidas Yeezy Boost 380 is a brand new model in Kanye West's adidas footwear series. It debuted in retail on November 16, 2019, and the suggested retail price of the "Alien" color scheme is $230. The "Mist Reflective" color scheme will be exclusively available on Yeezy Supply on February 29, 2020, and the all-black version will arrive later this year.
The 2019 Jordan part is "glow in the dark", which will bring the perfect effect for Halloween at the end of this month. The only sad thing is that the party was cancelled and the shoes were one day late. That is October 31. However, we also hope to see these adidas sneakers in the snow. As long as you keep them tidy, they are perfect winter sports!
Travis Scott's hype has not stopped. After a singularly successful collaboration with New Jordan 2020 , another Franchise single was a success, and Travis seemed easy. Until yesterday, Playstation released a video in which we saw Travis at the forefront of the new Playstation marketing factory. Most importantly, during the advertisement, a new shoe appeared in the picture. We see the Playstation logo on the outside of the heel and the Cactus Jack logo on the inside.
The top Rapper in the 2019 Jordan has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with Nike. The AF1 and AJ4 that the two parties have worked with are both very popular! The creamy white and brown leather stitching upper has an excellent texture, and the novel reverse hook Swoosh design is the biggest highlight of the shoe. The hidden pockets on the inside of the upper are regarded as the "eggs" of the shoes, plus the exclusive logo on the heel and inside, full of details!
As can be seen from the 2020 Cheap Jordans, this pair of Air Jordan 1 boldly adopts the "Back Swoosh" flip design on the outside, while the body of the shoe is made of simple brown and white as the main tone, and uses the best nubuck leather combined with leather. As for other details, it also includes the cartoon character logo on the heel and the white "Cactus Jack" ingeniously integrated into Swoosh.
We already know that the Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack is upside down. In the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 For Sale, we saw two pairs of low-top Nike SB Dunk sneakers and the famous Travis Scott Nike shoes. Unfortunately, the release date has not yet been announced. We are still thinking about whether this is an exclusive promotion or a broader release. We will inform you in time!
What a beautiful color. For New Jordan 2020 who leaves the Nike Air Max "Limeade" because the green is a bit too thick, Nike will soon propose another option. The first-class "Strawberry Lemonade" in Nike's Air Max 1. Personally, we think this color scheme is really cool, a bit softer than the other two colors, even though these sneakers are still popular in almost completely pink color schemes.
This Nike Air Max 1 Strawberry Lemonade adds other colors, which were part of the original Powerwall series in 2006. The siblings of this color scheme are "Limeade" and "Lemonade", both of which use fresh green tones.
2020 Cheap Jordans uses two main colors: atmospheric and true white. The main feature of the two is the pink base, and the side panels are covered with the busy "Air" logo. 3M reflective details, the strawberry logo on the tongue and lemon and strawberry insoles complete this fruit design.
Today, Jordan brand officially released the key new products for the fall of New Jordan 2020. There are a total of 11 pairs of Air Jordans with a strong layout. I am afraid that you will have to lose your wallet! But this pair of burgundy Air Jordan 8 WMNS "Burgundy", which will debut in November, appears again, quite mysterious.
White leather is used to cover the body of the 2019 Jordan as a whole, with a calm burgundy tone embellishing the midsole and side straps to create a classic and versatile temperament. The iconic midsole graffiti elements are also supplemented with burgundy accents, combined with the purple Jumpman logo on the tongue, injecting a sense of vitality.
This 2020 Cheap Jordans looks closer to white, black, neutral gray and ultra blue color schemes. Similar to the classic "Bugs Bunny", but with changes in material and color. The tongue is decorated with chenille patches, and high-quality leather and suede run through it. The prominent use of this pair is Burgundy, which is applied to the side coverings, the unique pattern on the middle panel and the buckle.
New Jordan 2020, everyone should have seen SNKRS in the US held the largest Jordan raid replenishment in 2020. There are many AJ1 shoes involved. In addition, many players have noticed SNKRS's storage information in advance, and saw multiple pairs of shoes including the Off-White x AJ4 joint name ready to go. It really came later yesterday!
For 2019 Jordan, there have been raids, and there is still a bunch of popular models. SNKRS in the US has no anniversary, but the usual benefits are too much, which is far more than the "no shoes, no talk" in the country! This first-generation color matching OW x AJ4 co-branded now has a market price of more than 6,000, reaching a price of over 10,000! This time the women's models are limited, and the male models are obviously more crazy!
Women's Off-White x Air Jordan 4 "Sail" is a very high collaboration between 2020 Cheap Jordans's fashion brand and Jordan Brand on Michael Jordan's fourth pair of signature shoes. This clean color originated from Abloh's "Speech Image" exhibition in Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art in the fall of 2019, and was officially released for retail in the summer of 2020, attracting attention.
The Cheap Jordans UK is made of cream with mesh and transparent fabric, giving the shoe a distinct deconstructed appearance, which was promoted by Abloh and Nike at the end of 2017. The side and heel use the same color plastic cage and panel, and Abloh and Off use the -White™ iconic brand to be applied to the top of the Air unit and the laces. Not surprisingly, this shoe has Off-White™ laces and the Jordan Brand label.
In New Jordan 2020, Jordan Brand brought an angry bull suit. The Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" in red suede has become a favorite classic among numerous sneaker players. Nowadays, the new colors on the market are extremely rare.
The Red Suede Air Jordan 5 was originally released in 2009 as part of the Air Jordan 5 "Raging Bull" package (Toro Bravo Pack). Although the Red pair earned the nickname "Raging Bull", the other pair was called 3M. The original version also comes with special packaging, similar to a wooden box with a red bullseye.
By 2020 Cheap Jordans, this classic Air Jordan 5 will use college red, black and white colors. The heel is decorated with red suede, there are 23 ridges on the heel, and the translucent mesh touches the panel and tongue. Next we have black details, a little white on the teeth on the tongue, with a touch of red, 3M reflective tongue and translucent rubber outsole make the appearance more perfect.
In terms of Cheap Jordans UK, the upper is almost entirely covered with big red suede, with a black midsole and details, paying tribute to the Bulls' classic color scheme; the red embellishment of the midsole shark teeth is like blood, which is also a unique classic detail.
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